COVID-19 Measures for Team Townend 2021

There are changes to the Team Townend event this year due to our COVID-19 risk assessment.

Three key points:

1. ***The event car park and rider sign-on location IS NOT AT LOWESWATER VILLAGE HALL.

2.  ***There will be a ONE-WAY SYSTEM for the Start and Finish at Loweswater Village Hall. 

3. ***For riders on the Long or Dirty Double, riders should CARRY ENOUGH FOOD AND WATER FOR THE ENTIRE RIDE. Do not rely on the feed stop in Grange as your only source of food and water.

Before the event



  • Registration for the event will be available online until Friday 2th July. Registration on the day will not be permitted. Please do not turn up to the event if you do not register online by the 2th July. 


​​Friends and family

  • We appreciate that the Team Townend Challenge is a great day out and many riders come with family and friends to enjoy the views, tea and cakes and the odd beer. Due to COVID-19 we ask that only those riding the event attend the event and event centre. 


Download the event GPX file

  • The route will be signposted but there will be fewer marshals helping. If you have a suitable device (Garmin, Wahoo etc, smartphone with navigation app) please download the GPX file for your course so you do not end up in the wrong valley.


If you feel unwell before the event

  • If you feel unwell before the event and suspect that you might have COVID-19, please exercise caution and do not come to the event centre. This is to protect the health of all.   

  • If you are unable to ride due to illness, we will roll over your entry for 2022. We cannot transfer entries to another rider. Please send an email to confirm your non-attendance to



  • We have a number of prizes that were donated to Team Townend in 2020 that will be in the raffle. Every rider will get a raffle ticket as part of their entry. You can buy more raffle tickets either in our donation shop or on the day of the event. All money raised will go to RoadPeace.


On the day of the event 


Changes to the car park and rider sign-on

  • The event car park and rider sign-on is NOT at Loweswater Village Hall as in previous years. 

  • The event car park and rider sign-on is located in a field about 1 mile from Loweswater Village Hall. 

  • You must go to the rider sign-on even if you are arriving by bike.

Overview event location.png
  • If arriving by car, please follow the signs along the lane south from the crossroads near the bridge to the event car park using the route marked in RED ARROWS on the map above. 

  • Please avoid driving on the narrow lane between Loweswater Village Hall, the Kirkstile Inn and the event car park (marked in GREEN ARROWS on the map). 

Rider sign-on

  • The rider sign-on will be located in a field about 1 mile from Loweswater Village Hall, marked in RED on the map above.  

  • Face masks must be worn for rider sign-on. 

  • There will be hand sanitizer for your use at the rider sign-on.

  • Collect your envelope with your ride number and route details.

  • Write your ‘incase of emergency’ contact details on the rear of your number and use the zip ties to secure it to the front of your bike.


Ride start times

  • All riders must wear a helmet. No helmet, no ride!

  • After collecting your number board from the rider sign-on, you will be directed by a marshal to the start. Please follow the transition route to the start & finish at Loweswater Village Hall (marked in GREEN ARROWS on the map) for your start time:

  1. Dirty-double 08:30 - 09:20

  2. Long 09:30 - 10:20

  3. Short 10:30 - 11:00


  • There will be NO toilets at the event car park and rider sign-on. 

  • Portaloos will be available at the event start, outside Loweswater Village Hall. 

  • There will be no access to toilets inside Loweswater Village Hall for the duration of the event.


Event Start & Finish at Loweswater Village Hall


  • There will be a one-way system for passing through the start (see map below). 

  • You will go round the back of the village hall and out through start-finish gantry and turn right onto the course.

One way system for event start. 


  • For the finish, the one-way system will be reversed. On return from all courses, you will turn left and pass under the Finish gantry (see map below).

  • Post event food will be collected outside the Loweswater village hall and you will pass round the back of the hall to return to the event car park.

One-way system for event finish


Grange feed stop

  • For the Long or Dirty Double, you should carry enough food and water for the entire ride. Do not rely on the feed stop in Grange as your only source of food and water. 

  • The Grange feed stop will be provided for the Long and Dirty Double courses at a reduced capacity. At the feed stop, you should wear a face mask. Hand sanitiser will be provided. 

  • You will be given a paper bag of food and be able to refill your water bottle. Recycling and compost bins will be provided for your waste.


Post-event food

  • The post-event food will be served outside Loweswater Village Hall in a “one-way system”. Please follow the signage to collect your food.

  • Once you have collected your food, please leave the village hall area. There will be no access to the village hall, please make your way back to the car park. 

  • Please respect social distancing measures and wear face masks when you are not eating.

23rd April 2022


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