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Virtual Team Townend

02 May 2020

In an absence of a full Team Townend Challenge this year, we have decided to run a virtual Team Townend fundraiser to help Road Peace, who rely on the money we raise each year. 

We are asking anyone who wants to, to join us in riding 22 miles (the length of our short route) on Saturday 9th May. This can be done on the road (if within the rules of where you are) or at home. 

Then at 8pm we will be hosting a cycling / Team Townend related pub quiz via zoom. With prizes to be won!

If you would like to join us we ask that you donate a minimum of £5 via our Virgin Money Giving page (making sure you leave your name) and email us at

If you have friends or family who are sitting at home then ask them to join us or get them to sponsor the event by making a donation. 

Our organisers are spread across Europe but that isn’t going to stop us. 

Andy, who is currently locked down in France and limited to one hours exercise with 1 km of his address, will either be riding in very fast circles on his local streets or building a set of homemade rollers using rolling pins and any pallets he can find on local building sites. 

Harry, who got locked down in Spain during his trans continental ride, will be riding off road around the small camp that has been his home for the last few months.


7th September 2024

Team Townend Challenge

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